True Dual Exhaust Systems

What is a “true dual” exhaust system?

Some trucks come from the factory with a true dual system, but that is the exception rather than the rule.  A typical factory exhaust system has a “Y pipe” that combines exhaust from the left side of the motor and the right side of the motor into a single pipe that connects to a catalytic converter.  From the catalytic converter, a high grade pipe connects to a muffler, which then typically has a single tailpipe.

A “true dual” system would have separate catalytic converters for the left side exhaust and right side exhaust.  In some cases, there may be multiple catalytic converts on each side.  Finally, there may be a separate muffler for each side of exhaust.

Most vehicles do not have true dual systems

Most trucks only have a single exhaust system using the “Y pipe” described above.  Some trucks that have the factory true dual system include: 1997-2000 Chevy Silverado

Our Dual Exhaust Kit is a muffler-back dual exhaust conversion kit

We make kits that retrofit the standard single exhaust system with a replacement muffler having two tailpipe connections.  We provide the two tailpipes and tips so that your truck will use the factory high-grade catalytic converter, connected to the muffler of your choice and the dual tailpipes.

We do not sell “true dual” conversion kits

We do not recommend trying to convert a factory single exhaust system into a true dual system.  Firstly, a true dual conversion would require you to remove the factory catalytic converter and install new catalytic converters.  As you know, catalytic converters and exhaust emissions standards are highly regulated.  For this reason, true dual conversions are illegal in many states – even if inspections are not needed for licensing.  If a state trooper notices that a factory single exhaust system has been converted to a true dual, you could be facing a fine or ticket.

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